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Matilija Canyon, Matilija Canyon Hot Springs,
Matililja Canyon near Ojai, California

Matilija Canyon is a remote canyon area that is approximately 10 miles from downtown Ojai, California. It's main features are its' creeks, natural sulfer hot-springs, and wilderness hiking trails.

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Matilija Canyon is surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest and has two small residential communities and a couple of large ranches.

About Matilija Hot Springs Closed 3/2014

Dear Community,

A new era of stewardship is beginning on the hot springs land – which has been purchased, and is now being managed by Ecotopia, a non-profit community organization. This land is being closed for a Resting Period starting May 1, 2013. All lands on the creek side of the road are private. Anyone on this land, around the hotsprings, or at the swimming hole at the sharp bend in the road will be fined for trespassing by the police starting May 1st. This Resting Period will last a minimum of 4-6 months so that the land can be given time to heal from overuse. When Ecotopia re-opens the land, everyone will be welcome to become a member, participate and visit. All members will be involved with helping to create a healthy, clean, safe, alcohol and drug free environment. Please visit at OJAIHOTSPRINGS.COM to signup for the email newsletter – so you can receive updates and news relating to this land. We welcome your involvement in co-stewarding this land with us for many years to come. Thank you, Ojai Ecotopia Staff WWW.OJAIHOTSPRINGS.COM

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Community Stewardship - >Click here for details

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Matilija Canyon Image 01


Matilija Canyon Image 01


Matilija Canyon Image 03 waterfall

Matilija Canyon is a unique place to live, hike and enjoy the great out doors and nature.

"It is definitely a place for those who love the great outdoors, abundant wildlife, peace and quiet, million of stars, mountain biking, hiking, swimming and soaking in the creek and hot-springs."

Most of the homes in the canyon are modest cottage style homes and are used as primary and secondary residences.

Home values in the canyon range from $200,000 to $500,000.

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Discover Matilija Canyon

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Where is Matilija Canyon, Ojai CA

Matilija Canyon swimming

Matiija Hot Springs

Prior to the Spanish missionaries occupation, the indigenous people of this area,
the Chumash Indians, lived in villages along the banks of the Matilija River.

Here Chumash Indians feasted on steelhead trout, venison, and other game and harvested seeds, nuts and berries. They were master basket weavers and canoe builders. Primary to their wellbeing, they soaked in the natural sulphur hot springs and bathed in the cool canyon waters that flowed year round. For centuries the Chumash sustained themselves here.

Today, the Chumash culture in the Ventura and Santa Barbara counties is alive and active. The Santa Barbara Museum has an extensive historic exhibit as well as an accomplished Chumash advisory board.

Some of the best known hot springs are in Matilja Canyon, just north of Ojai off Highway 33.

Matilija poppy

Romneya trichocalyx is abundant in canyons north of Dulzura and occasional to the south in sage scrub or chaparral. It also occurs sporadically on Otay Mountain (e.g., Cedar Creek) and in the Jamul Mountains. Sites examined include near Deerhorn Valley Road, in Johnson Canyon on northeastern Otay Mesa, and in Sycamore Canyon. Herbarium specimens record Mission Trails Park near Padre Dam, Barrett Junction, and the Espinosa Trail on Pine Creek. Old reports include Potrero Grade/Tecate Mountain. Old biological survey reports note sites south of Highway 94 between Tecate Road and Potrero, southwest of Bee Valley near Mother Grundy Truck Trail, and just east of Tecate Junction. Reported by Smith in Ventura County (herbarium specimen examined from the Maricopa Grade); and Santa Barbara County from Bee Rock south of Lake Cachuma, Mono Creek, Agua Caliente Canyon, Matilija Canyon, upper Sespe Creek along State Highway 33, on Pine Mountain, and the Ozena area of upper Cuyama Valley.

Matilija Canyon Ranch

Matilija Canyon Ranch

Matilija Canyon Ranch

Matilija Canyon Ranch 02

Notice to hikers traveling through the Matilija Canyon Ranch Lands

Matilija Canyon Ranch 03

Matilija Canyon Ranch out buildings

Matilija Canyon 04

Homes Matilija Canyon Ranch Property

Matilija Canyon Ranch 05

The Dent House at Matilija Canyon Ranch

The Dent House

at Matilija Canyon Ranch

4100 Matilija Canyon Road

Ojai, CA 93023

telephone: (805)646-8311


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Hiking Matilija Canyon

Matilija Canyon Hike 01

Hiking Matilija Canyon

Matilija Canyon Hike 02

Trail in Matilija Canyon

Matilija Canyon Hike Trails

Trails of Matilija Canyon

Matilija Canyon Hike Trails

Hiking Trough Matilija Canyon

Matilija Canyon Hike 04

Creeks of Matilija Canyon

Matilija Canyon Hike 05

Hiking Matilija Canyon Images

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